Honey, I’m Home!

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Did you miss me? My stint at The Disney Blog has run its course, and I can turn my full attention back to those of you that feel jealous, cheated and ignored by the time I spent over there. It was just a fling. Purely physical. Of course, it was enough of a success (everyone lived) that I was invited to continue in the role of contributor, which I will. Boy howdy, I’ve got to tell you, it was tough. Being a man of rambles and tangents as I am it was hard concentrating for those ten-so days on one subject, even one as close to my heart as Disney.

The bright side, in addition to making me a source to be reckoned with in Disney trivia, is that The Disney Blog has a weekly readership of 20,000, which is roughly 19,996 more readers than I average over here, plus it is carried by numerous additional sites and at least one newspaper, The Orlando Sentinel (it’s on there, center square for the win). If nothing else it has made a few new people stop by The Honea Express and my little family of blogs- the Nawanda Network I call it (in my own mind- first time in print and you were here!). So to those of you that are new to this (not so) magical place: welcome.

In closing, please continue to support John and The Disney Blog. There is a permanent link on the lower left sidebar of this page. He does a remarkable job over there and you might just find something that really interests you regardless of your personal relationship with the deity of the mouse.

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