All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go

I woke up earlier than my body was ready for, shaved, showered, put on the shirt that Tricia had ironed for me and drove across town. I was on time for my orientation- early actually, a first. I was clean. I had made the entire trip without smearing pop tart filling on myself, or spilling coffee in my lap, another first. I had a pen.
They had forgotten about me. The people that had set up my appointment had cancelled my appointment without notifying me. Nobody knew what to tell me so they sent me home. Despite the hassle I was alright with it. I was tired and the idea of returning to bed was a good one.
I realized that I had stumbled into some “me time”, which I hadn’t had in about three years. I could go do whatever I wanted until I had to be at work. I went to the bookstore for some much needed browsing. My slacks were perfect.
The bookstore wasn’t open. It was too early. I entertained the thought of waiting it out, but why? Walking around stores for three hours just because I was wearing an ironed shirt wasn’t the greatest use of the freedom that I had been given.
I went home. I lay down for about twenty minutes, got up and had some coffee and spent the rest of the morning playing with my boys. That is all the “me time” I need.
My clothes are hanging in the closet. They look great.

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