Be a Fan, Not a Fanatic

You may recall that I mentioned something about guest-blogging The Disney Blog, man, I didn’t know what I was in for. I don’t know how John does it. First of all, it is very hard to come up with 2-4 posts per day that are both factual and interesting that concern Disney. It’s not that the information isn’t available, it’s that most of it is so popular it’s been done to death. Then when you do find something that seems to fit the bill you get these jackasses, let’s call them “Dougs” that want to belittle and whine about the nuances of your post (of course I would never disrespect The Disney Blog with a comment like that to a reader, but over here at The Honea Express we don’t have such scruples).

It’s like anything else, most of the people that read a blog on Disney are doing so because they enjoy the culture and magic associated with the mouse, while others are just looking to make their penis look bigger by knocking stuff others find interesting. Most of the people are really nice and appreciate having something brought to their attention that may not be the newest bit on the wire, but may be obscure or regional and therefore not common knowledge. Then their is the “Doug”, what with the penis and the ego and all of that jackassity (yes, I made that word up). So what can you do? Take the high road (did that on the actual site)? Turn the other cheek? Make lemonade? I guess each situation is different, and while we all have our “Dougs” to face, mine is the actual Doug, and while sticks and stones are options, I prefer words, especially since I abhor violence and he may be a lot bigger than me. I’ll just stay with what got me here: a grain of salt and some good old-fashioned sarcasm.

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