Monday Morning Notes

  • Glad to see that the media, for the most part anyway, had a chance to sober up this morning and realize that the only people that hurt Seattle’s chances in the Super Bowl were the Seahawks. Sure, as I said, there were some poor calls. Nothing worse than usual, and pretty tame by the terrible standards set in the playoffs. Bottom line, the Seahawks couldn’t make or stop the big plays. Pittsburgh could. Let’s not forget, the Steelers didn’t look very good either, at least on offense. All of the theories that Seattle could have played better are true, but so could Pittsburgh. It doesn’t hold water.
  • Apparently Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana, being 2 of the three MVP honorees that didn’t attend the Super Bowl, chose not to appear due to money. While Bradshaw looks like an ass since he was there all week and covering the game for FOX, it is Montana that really looks bad. Montana, despite his attending the media events during the week refused to show for the measly $1,000 and incidentals that the NFL paid everyone else and demanded an appearance fee of $100,000. What a jerk. If everyone from Bart Starr to Tom Brady can show up for the moment so can he. He should have done it for free.
  • The Bus has returned to the station. Thanks to Jerome Bettis for a great run in the NFL, especially the stint in Pittsburgh. Thanks for everything.
  • I am officially one-third of the way through my February trifecta. Now I just need the new Jack Johnson CD and a new kid and I’ll be set. So far so good.
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