12th Boy?

Once again I have been reminded of how petty and idiotic people are. All I’ve seen on the internet is the media and “fans” ripping the referees in the Super Bowl and saying that the Steelers did not earn their win. The 12th man is acting more like a child at this point. It degrades the game, the players and themselves.
Get a life.

  • Were there questionable calls? You bet. There are always questionable calls.
  • Was the officiating good? Ehh, good is kind of a strong word, but it wasn’t awful, I’ve seen worse and so have the Steelers- anyone watch that Indy game?
  • Did Jackson push off or was it a ticky-tack call? It was ticky-tack because the contact was slight, but it was the correct call because the contact was there (not unlike the contact by a Steeler that resulted in Seattle’s fumble being overturned- another ticky-tack but correct call). The purpose of the ref is to see that everyone plays fairly. People say that they shouldn’t influence a game. I agree. Wouldn’t standing by and letting players commit infractions, regardless of how small, be influencing the game?
  • Did Big Ben break the plane? Yes. I froze it on my tivo. I can do it again if you need to see it. When he lands the ball is in the playing field, but for a split micro-second it crosses the line, and like it or not that is all it has to do.
  • Did Seattle deserve to win? Sure, both teams deserve to win, that’s why they are there. However, Seattle had numerous dropped passes, poor clock management, and 2 missed fieldgoals that hurt them a lot more than any yellow flags.
  • Did Pittsburgh deserve to win? Of course (see above). The thing about the Steelers is that despite being outplayed in the stats column they made the big plays on the field, and obviously that matters more.
  • Would I have these same opinions if I weren’t a Steelers fan? Yes. With this much time removed from the game and with the benefit of hindsight and freeze frame technology I am making this post in my professional voice and not my drunken sailor one.
  • But some of those calls were really bad weren’t they? Hell yes. The blocking foul on Hasselback was pure bullshit. I liked the idea of it at the time, but it was obvious that he was going for the tackle, which would make his action legal. The holding call on Pruitt was right, at least the one that Madden saw and showed in replay. Apparently that wasn’t the same one that the referees were flagging though, and their version was a bit weak. There were also some missed calls, a late hit against Seattle out of bounds and a block in the back on a kick, also against Seattle. The refs missed those, and of course the 12th man didn’t notice them.

Basically, the game was a little sloppy, which I think is the NFL’s own fault. Two weeks of hype is a bit much, even for the Super Bowl. Take a week, use the balls for more than a series at a time, and charge more for commercials- some real stinkers got in this year. That’s my suggestion for making a more enjoyable and better played game. Oh, and tell Seattle fans to have a few cups of Starbucks and let that half-rack of Redhook wear off before whinning to the world. It’s embarrassing.

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