Dixar/Pisney IS NOT Van Hagar

As you may have read, the two lovers have made up and signed the pre-nuptials for a long and happy marriage. No, not Nick and Jessica, but Disney and Pixar- two great tastes that go great together.
Steve Jobs, who has been hailed by everyone but Osama Bin Laden as the second coming of Walt Disney is now the man at Disney, owning the majority of stock and a good piece of Iger’s pocket as well.
Not only are Disney and Pixar now under the same umbrella, but one must wonder what else we will see with all of the other goodies in their respective bags- ABC, ESPN, Apple- Bill Gates may want to rethink letting that Disney/MSN thing fall apart, though I don’t know if it ever amounted to more than a few fancy webpages.
I-Tunes has already released vintage Disney content for download to I-Pods everywhere, just moments after the ink dried on the marriage license.
Me, I’m excited. I’ve been thinking of getting a Mac anyway. Now if only Jobs and Paul McCartney would see the light (issues about “Apple” name brand), then my world would will be pretty darn cool. Come together fellas!

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