Go ________ Young Man (& Family)

West? Maybe. That would send us to Hawaii, which isn’t the worst fate in the world. As it is we don’t know where we should move, hence the blank. I have mentioned before, in posts and polls, that we want to leave the area we are in. It’s just not an environment that we want for our kid(s).

We have been searching the internet, comparing cost of living, climate and crime. Most places, save the San Francisco and New York types, are more affordable. Most places have better schools. Most places have less crime. Most places have cleaner air and water. Basically, the world is wide open to us.

What we can’t agree on are the aesthetics. I want seasons, she wants sunshine. We both love trees and bodies of water. I love rain but hate humidity. The list goes on. She would have us in Maui and I would take us back to Seattle. There must be a happy medium somewhere.

I have always disagreed with the idea of homeschooling, believing as I do that the social aspect of a classroom setting is equally important to the learning experience as any textbook. In addition, pretty much every family I have met that follows this practice is usually doing so because their personal agenda falls outside that of the mainstream, e.g. religious fanaticism or other such militia mentality.

Then I had a kid. In a world of senseless acts of violence and hatred erupting daily, in our streets and our schools, I am suddenly entertaining the idea of keeping my children a little safer, relative a concept as it is. We have thought seriously about selling it all, buying a RV, and taking our circus on the road. This appeals to us more and more. The downside of course would be the lack of income and the abundance of animals. We would be broke, covered in pet hair and literally living in a mobile home. I don’t want to do that again.

Which takes us full circle. Where the hell are we going?

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