Corner Changes Imminent

In roughly a month or so Atticus will be a big brother. He seems fairly prepared for the responsibility. He knows that a baby will be here, but I’m not sure he realizes it is the same baby that he kisses goodnight each night in his mommy’s belly.

He understands that he will have to teach the baby about marshmallows and Disneyland, how to count to 6 and where the best rocks are in the yard. I don’t think, however, that he understands that the new baby will be here, always. He isn’t aware that it will be loud and stinky and all of the things he has outgrown and no longer remembers. He doesn’t realize that every toy will be community property and that every moment of alone time will be compromised. Things that used to be his exclusively, like laps and hugs, will soon require his patience and understanding.

I only hope he understands that he isn’t losing love here, he is gaining it.

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