My Book Arrived…

…with half of me in it.
So, remember when I said I was being published in India, but I wasn’t real sure what the hell was going on? It came out, although I’m still not sure what happened.
The story Jazz was used in a collection which appears to be a glamour press sort of anthology, except that I didn’t have to pay to have it included- so there’s that. The weird thing is that they didn’t print the whole thing. It’s kind of a Reader’s Digest version, except that rather than a straight attempt to abridge the story they just started it right in the middle. Does it still work? Not really. I mean the writing is brilliant still, of course, but the plot is now lacking more than ever. Read the full version yourself from the link on the right or below and imagine it starting with ‘The Story of Duke’s Grandpa’ rather than at the actual beginning. Odd me thinks.

The original version is available at: The reprint is available in hardcover at:

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