New Year’s Eve @ D.L.R.

Winter, or what passes for it in Los Angeles, crashed down on the Disneyland Resort over the New Year. It was wet and cold, and then wet some more. The murmurs amongst the faithful was that the rain kept away some of the New Year’s Eve crowd, but it was hard to tell. A few less people at Disneyland is about as noticeable as a few less fish in the ocean. It’s all relative.

That being said, we didn’t get to do as much as we had hoped, but we did get to relax more than we intended, and that was much more needed if not more desired.

I read an article earlier this week about some zealots marching in full choir garb down Mainstreet USA, singing the evils of commercialism and warning park guests of the e-ticket to hell that they were purchasing disguised as they were in the form of snowglobes and mouse ears. Of course these people are idiots. Sadly, they are not entirely wrong. Disney is about commercialism on the grandest of scales, but you know what else is pretty hip to that idea? America, you jerks.

That being the case, Disney embraces something else fairly close to the bosom- tradition. Mainstreet on New Year’s Eve, blanketed in cold, fireworks and falling snow was about as classic a holiday night as you could ask for. It was also extremely crowded, which is why shortly after the snow melted beneath the feet of the masses we did the unthinkable; we went to Disney’s California Adventure for the midnight festivities.

On the way out of Disneyland I noticed something I have never seen before, the backstage area off of the Town Square was open and being used to move the public to Tomorrowland. Sounds crowded to me.

DCA had a decent crowd. We were able to take in the soft roll of the new Monsters Inc. ride, which was cool. The outdoor theming for the ride is based on the little cartoon pieces that run during the credits, and looks more like a county fair than something that belongs in a Disney park. The same holds for the theming in the queue, which harks to less creative parks like Magic Mountain. The ride itself was cute and I did enjoy it. It had a cool interactive ending with Roz addressing exact persons in the vehicle (she told me I was a hunkster and that she would be in my closet that night- I locked the door just in case) and Atticus really liked it, so we rode it twice. I had to suppress the fact that I always thought Monsters Inc. should be a bigger thrill ride, but what the hell do I know? I’m just a sucker supporting heathens and hellfire with my wallet full of sin and stupidity. Bottom line is the ride is cute and is much better than the limos of days gone by.

Where Disneyland was snow and cocoa, DCA was dancing and beer lines. The show put on by the DCA dancers was only slightly less suggestive than a Texas highschool cheerleading routine, complete with an uncensored version of Greased Lighting (that car is a pussywagon and the chicks will cream). I’m not complaining mind you, but I was a bit surprised. It just seemed like something that Disney would want to avoid. The rest of the music was made up mostly of girl bands (Spice, Weather, Backstreet, etc.) and 80’s rap that had the crowd of 15 year olds dancing within embarrassment distance of their parents and nobody cared. It was a good time. Atticus made it until 11:45. Oh well.


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