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Not that anyone cares, but I’ve been listening to some great music lately (not counting my Dean Martin Christmas CD, which is also great) and thought you should know about it. Keane is still atop our CD rotation a year and a half after we bought it. A must have. Every music collection should have at least 4 Beatles albums, some Van Morrison, and a handful of jazz, not Kenny G. crap, but Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Charlie Parker jazz.

Then there is Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith, Tom Waits, Jack Johnson, Ryan Adams, M. Ward, Iron & Wine, Mason Jennings- all on the mellower end of the spectrum, but all are fantastic and deserve to be heard. Pour some wine, or whiskey, hell, even a beer and put this music on and watch sunsets, talk to friends, drive a winding road in the middle of nowhere (sans the drinking of course- substitute coffee). It’s the kind of music that provides a soundtrack to life.

I know it’s hard to step away from Kanye West and Fall Out Boy, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to them. All music, well most, is good music. I’m just saying the stuff I listed is good. Real good. When you need to relax and put it all in perspective you can’t go wrong with a sampling of the above. Check it out.

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