Dog Days

Atticus and our dogs have developed a real strong bond over these past two years. He rides them, chases them, uses them as pillows, and in return they chase him, lick him and protect him from things and people unknown.
Atticus is very concerned today because Harley, the older dog, does not appear to be feeling well. It seems like the cold weather or something unknown is causing her pain when she moves.
Atticus is not riding her today, nor is he giving chase. He is giving Harley hugs and kisses and checking on her constantly. He tells me she needs a band-aid for her boo-boo. I tell him she just needs love and he nods and hugs her again.
Harley is 13 years old, but she is still spunky and playful. However, I’ve never seen her act like she is and it scares me.
She is sleeping now by my feet and she is comforted with the best band-aid we have, hugs and kisses from a little boy that loves her.

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