Want vs Need

How’s your Christmas shopping coming along? I’m almost done. Just a few more gifts and I can sit back and enjoy the holiday spirit without standing in line. The only reason I’m not done yet is that I’m down to the boring people. You know the people on your list that respond with stuff like “work jeans and socks” when asked what they want for Christmas. What the hell is that?

This is Christmas people! I didn’t ask what you need, or what you could stop and grab for yourself at Walmart on any given day- I asked what you want. My father, forever the king of practical gift giving, had me for years buying people that sort of thing- stuff they needed and would use. The thing is, if I can afford to buy this stuff, then surely they can afford it, and how far removed from childhood must you be to think socks is a good gift? Loosen up.

What do you want (reasonably priced)? Tell me of retro Atari sets, Star Wars figures and nudie magazine subscriptions. Tell me what you want. That’s what I want to know.

Socks are lame.

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