Idle Talk is Seldom Smart

You know how you watch a sporting event and the announcer says something like, “this is a chip shot” and then the guy misses- it’s almost like the announcer jinxed the player. Well, today I jinxed my little player. Atticus got sick alright. He had a fever come out of nowhere and spike high enough that he had another seizure, and of course as it was last time, I (Dad) was home alone with him. I didn’t panic as much as the first time, but seeing your baby convulse and go limp is not something you ever take in strike. I called Tricia and she raced home and together we drove to the hospital.

They made us sit in the waiting room for nearly an hour, as if people with sinus infections and stubbed fingers have priority over burning babies. When we got in his temperature was 105.3, which as you know is pretty darn high. The doctor was concerned, saying it was the highest fever on a child he had seen in years, and wanted to ensure that he didn’t have pneumonia or a few other things that escape me now. Apparently he doesn’t. He just caught the bug that Tricia and I can’t shake and it was powerful enough that his body threw everything it could at it, hence the high fever.

When his fever became relatively lower, 102, they let us leave- some 5 plus hours later. Turns out I also was running a fever of 102, which explained why I was shivering in a sweatshirt while others were sweating from the heaters.

I think we are going to be fine. He says he’s happy, and appears to be in good spirits, albeit tired and not caring for his medicine. My fever has been overdosed away, hopefully for good, and Tricia is catching up on some much needed rest.

It’s the real deal this parent thing. It can throw you for a real loop. Can’t say I would change it.

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