Getting Past the Handshake

In the past I would come to the blog here and vent that my fantasy football team has dropped from 1st to 5th place in just two weeks. Not anymore. There was a time when I would be so upset about having 3 different groups of people stiff me at work that I would come home, drink a beer and let it all out for the world to see. That’s old news. I have decided to turn a leaf, and this time it isn’t a fig.

I am going to become a hugger. Not the “official” person that stands at the end of Special Olympic events and hugs the participants, important and gratifying as that may be, but a hugger in the everyday sense of hugging more people- like that Dave Matthews video, but not so goofy.

My wife and I were watching Extreme Home Makeover and discussing how one of the family members hugged a lot. In the past a conversation like that would have included at least one joke, but not this time. I started thinking about us, people, and how we all need to be touched, held, loved and appreciated. I thought back to how many people I had hugged today- 12, which is about 10 more than the norm for me; but I had family and friends moving in and out of my day on a pretty hectic schedule, so I was above par. That’s good.

There is a lot to be said by sharing a moment of contact with a fellow human being that doesn’t get voiced by anyone aside from Michael Bolton and Hallmark, and that is the reassurance we provide each other that it’s not all for naught. There is still something positive out there.

Perhaps this sounds silly or sentimental. Maybe it’s the holidays talking. Whatever. I am going to become a hugger, and soon, I might even kiss your cheek, but don’t hold your breath.

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