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I sure have let myself go. I haven’t been updating this site nearly as much as I used to. What’s up with that? Have I finally grown as bored by my ramblings as the rest of you? No, of course not, the sound of my own voice, or keystrokes in this case, is pure refulgence.
No, I have no intention of riding off into the sunset. It is just that Atticus demands more and more of my time (not that I am complaining), and Tricia and I are always at work.
On top of everything else is our official big announcement:

We are expecting!

I realize this isn’t exactly news to many of you, but I didn’t want to go “public” until we were well under way, which obviously we are. Tricia is due in February. As was the case with Atticus, we aren’t finding out the gender of the baby- sorry must-knows.

So, that’s why I haven’t been as active as I once was, but never fear, perhaps I will replace quantity with quality. I doubt it, but it sure sounds nice.

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