Hitch the Wagon(s)

We are nomads, the wife and I, and of course the boy now. We have trouble staying still in one place too long. It’s been too long. We have a constantly changing list of possible destinations, based on various criteria, such as weather, water, schools, crime and cost of living. Then there are other variables, such as arts, sports and whether or not there are any off-leash dog parks, all of which are very important to our family. The latest list is narrowed down once again:

  1. Denver (a compromise between Seattle and sunshine)
  2. Southern California (where we are currently, in all of its crime-ridden, traffic-jammed, crazy cost of living glory)
  3. Seattle (still a soft spot for me and the dogs)
  4. Disneyland (technically SoCal, but cleaner and even more expensive- happy place though)
  5. RV (just travel and home-school, see the world, or at least the landlocked portion)

So, that’s where we are, or rather where we might be. The sooner the better, my gypsy blood is starting to boil.

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