A Letter to Two

Ah Two, how you mock me so with your promises of terrible times and campaign of fear. True, you do induce the occasional flight and spark random fires of rebellion by planting such weapons as “no” into unsuspecting, and otherwise innocent, conversation, but you have not broken me as you promised. You have a sweet side Two, and for all your prodding and mischief you cannot help but encourage smiles and tenderness in those that you touch.
The boy has welcomed you and taken your teachings to heart. He has embraced you Two, and your sprite-like ways. He is full of spunk, wit and playfulness. You have done well here Two, and while your arrival was marked by the tintinnabulation of party favors and cheers from well-wishers, your stay has been gauged in acts of coquetry for all things puerile and tricksy. I can only imagine that your eventual departure will fall short of being the panacea that is promised for various reasons, namely that I am a realist, but also that I am rascal at heart as well; and I cannot help but think that you never left me some thirty years plus, but rather took refuge somewhere deep inside, allowing for the sequential arrival of Three, then Four and so on, letting them in and then spitting them out.
Thank you Two, you are welcome here.

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