Crash: The Movie

Yes, it’s another ensemble cast, six degrees of separation, life is full of irony film. It’s also smart and thought provoking. It made me angry, so angry in fact that I could barely watch it at times, and almost didn’t. The storyline, built on racism, ignorance and stereotypes, spent half the movie justifying such beliefs and urging the viewer to feel likewise. Then spent the second half reaffirming the theory that perhaps we aren’t so different, or so bad, after all. I hope that’s the case.

The fact that it takes place in LA, this lost sprawl of urban mess and natural beauty, brought it a little closer to home. I see people filled with hate and ignorance everyday. I spend hours with them, over drinks and sport, earning each other’s trust in our mutual search for common ground. It is not hard. It is not easy.

That is how this movie is. It is everything and nothing. A rollercoaster of ups and downs. Anger and hope. I cried where every parent should. I laughed when I shouldn’t. Having seen it, I can’t claim to feel better or worse for it, only that I feel. That’s something isn’t it?

Do I recommend this film? No. Yes.

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