Santa Catalina Island = Rest & Relaxation

We just returned from a short holiday over on Catalina Island. It was wonderful. Our only agenda was catching up on lost hours of sleep and spending some quality time together as a family. Mission accomplished.

People thought that we were going to be bored spending multiple days there as we did, since most people consider it a day trip location. They suggested various tours and items of interest. We looked at and discussed the items of interest from our spot on the beach, but we never did take a tour. Boredom never occurred either- just the slow unwinding of knots and deep sighs of pure comfort.

It was good for us. Tricia and I were able to spend time together instead of passing each other in the hall. We were able to be together as a family without having to worry about the clock or other engagements, just playing in the sand and listening to the sound of our son’s laughter as he ran barefoot upon it, competing with the waves for the attentions of the island.

We met some new friends, a couple our age with a son a bit older than ours, and hit it off rather well. As fate would have it their stay was the exact length as ours and we quickly fell into a routine of spending our evenings together when the sleepy little town of Avalon closed it’s doors and opened it’s bars- all but forcing anyone with a family to return to their hotel.

Yesterday, it was a return to reality and the frustrations that entails. There is cleaning to do now, and work to return to. Hopefully, the knots will take their time in returning.

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