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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week or so then you are fully aware of Hurricane Katrina and the havoc she has wrought upon the Gulf of Mexico. There are many ways to help:

You may wonder why I included the Humane Society on the list when there is so much human suffering. Your point is valid, obviously it is horrible and those poor people need our help. However, many of those people are there by choice- failing to heed a weeks notice (I know, they are poor and don’t have cars- but you can walk pretty far in a week), have resorted to a Lord of the Flies mentality and would just assume shoot someone trying to help. You know who isn’t there by choice and would never pull a gun on you? A puppy. There are many abandoned pets left to their own devices and anyone that has a pet of their own can attest to the heartbreak that idea conjures.

Regardless of your priority, please give.

Just because Jerry Lewis is asking you to donate to Katrina relief doesn’t mean you should ignore his famous cause. My mother works for MDA and through her I have met some wonderful people in need of help and some very passionate people that are trying to do just that. Go to MDA and help @ http://www.mdausa.org/ .

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