Protect Our Rights

As most of you have undoubtedly noticed, George W. Bush is a fairly religious man. That in itself is fine. He tends to make decisions based upon his personal beliefs, which are founded in his faith. That is not an issue with regard to his own life, but it is nothing less than un-American when acting as our president.

Our country was founded on many liberties, among them the separation of church and state, allowing all Americans to worship freely (or not) and without persecution.

George Bush has ignored this right and imposed his own beliefs upon the rest of the country. So what you say? Perhaps you are also a Christian. Perhaps your beliefs are the same as those of the president. That is great. However, even if you agree in matters of faith, it cannot be denied that attempting to govern a country and amend its constitution based on such beliefs is nothing more than a violation of the previously mentioned right.

This post is not anti-Christian. It is pro-American. We cannot let democracy unravel to appease the current powers that be.

Due to the retirement of Justice O’Connor, Bush has been given an opportunity to strengthen the arm of his fanaticism and create a government that courts the union of church and state and therefore the beginning of the end for a free America.

Bush’s reign will not last forever, but his actions might. Don’t let his ghosts to haunt us. Use the link above to contact your Senators and ask that they stand against Bush in his quest of a new Justice that will tow his line.

This is what America is all about, use your voice to keep us free!

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