Meet the Honeas

Ryan Stanton of the Explorer News wrote a nice piece on my family in Marana, AZ. It is an interesting look at the history we were a part of and the future that we hope for, bringing to mind the new slogan adopted by the town, “Committed to the future…Inspired by the past.”

Of course there is also a nice hook at the end consisting mainly of guilt and emotional blackmail where the article becomes a forum for my father to pine about the prodigal son’s return (that’s me). I just got back from there yesterday Dad, and it was HOT. See what you can do about getting the town a beach front, or at least enclose it in air conditioning, and we’ll talk.

One point of interest, remember when I busted the chops of acclaimed writer Dave King, who promptly responded with good humor about his claiming nominations amongst his list of accomplishments? Well, apparently I did the same thing in Mr. Stanton’s article. Hello kettle, this is the pot. Touch√©.

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