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Tomorrow is our 4th year wedding anniversary. That’s amazing. What have I learned you may ask. Not much. I’m not real quick on life lessons and morals to the story. I prefer to find some stupid things that I do well and repeat. However, being a husband and subsequent father have definitely made the tone of such behavior much tamer. Hangovers occur very seldom. Thankfully. I have also managed to avoid jail, passing bad checks and voting Republican.

Okay, some of these things I never did anyway (I voted Republican once), but still, I’m not running with a crowd that is prone to such activity. My crowd doesn’t run anywhere, it just hangs out in the yard. We are 3, considering additions—one to the family and one to the house. We have two great dogs, one cool cat and 2.5 other cats that I would love to introduce to the inside of a burlap sack.

We have plans. In June we are going to Tucson for Atticus’ birthday. In July it’s back to Disneyland for the actual day (the 17th) of celebrating the opening. The end of the summer will take us back to Seattle for a couple of concerts (Jack Johnson & Dave Matthews, respectively). There will be holidays after that which could lead us anywhere and then it is off to Disney World with a bunch of family (we doubled our Disney Vacation Club points to do it. Don’t know about DVC? Check it out!! It’s so much better than a timeshare and quite possibly the coolest investment you will ever make: for lots of fun.

After that we will be looking to move again. In the six years that Tricia and I have been together we have moved from Tucson to Seattle to San Diego to Tucson to Seattle to here. We have become nomads. Needless to say we are getting stagnant. Besides, as I have made clear before, this town, with its influx of violence and ignorance is not a place to raise a child. We’ll be gone before his feet touch a school parking lot.

As you can see, we have a full plate. Throw in the constant desire for new jobs and a house that is in need of much attention, plus a pile of Netflix gathering dust and a stack of books being used as paperweights and you’ve got the recipe for another year of successful (whatever that means) marriage.
Happy Anniversary, Tricia. Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.

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