Another Example of Idiots Ruling the World

As I mentioned in my previous post, I lost a lion. Actually, I didn’t lose anything, but someone did lose a tiger, and for whatever reason did not notify the authorities. This large cat has been tracked throughout the LA area for days now, without any sign of violence or damage, yet when it was found it was shot and killed. Why? Because the authorities feared for their safety and said they were not prepared with alternative means.

I understand fearing for your safety, I mean it is a tiger, and I think we all learned our lesson from Siegfreid. Unless a tiger is coming towards you wearing a bicycle helmet and holding a bowl of cereal, you are probably in danger. This tiger, however, was not going near anyone, it was just lost, probably hungry, yet had restrained itself despite the numerous joggers and transients that must have come within a few unsuspecting feet of it. What about the “not prepared” part of the excuse. They were tracking a large cat, and I assume they planned to find it. Seems like they may have considered what they might do should their tracking actually work. Ridiculous.

This shoot first mentality, a favorite among LAPD and its sister agencies, has saved a life somewhere, it must have, but so far this year it has nabbed an unarmed 13-year-old and a beautiful animal—because the authorities feared for themselves. Jr. Highs and zoos look out, LAPD is out there, scared and unprepared.

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